Sunday, September 9, 2012

slow ride

we all have those nights where the best option for hanging out and having basically the best time ever means just hoping in your obviously badass vintage muscle car and meeting your friends down at the town's strip mall parking lot. well maybe not that to a T but... we've had many a night where chilling in our car is basically more fun than any house party or school dance that we've ever been to. Like, last night.. it was 4am and we were hanging out with our awesome neighbors and felt such an urge to go get breakfast biscuits from mickey d's that was echoed from around the room so we hopped into their retro wood-paneled station wagon's front bench seat and drove down to the fast food joint where crazy antics, of course, ensued. This blog post was totally inspired by last night's little trip which was full of uncontrollable giggles, squeezing together in the front, revving the oddly charged engine for a station wagon, and backing up from window to window at mcD's. 
all these rad characters from probably some of the best movies know exactly what we mean... midnight car trips and hang-outs will forever be the shining ending to any night.

Dazed & Confused - countless rad car scenes.. these kids never went home.
 Grease - I mean c'mon.. obviously! Basically the most important parts of these teens lives happened in their cars!
That 70's Show - Technically it's a tv show but this show's got CLASSIC car hangout moments in it..
 On the Road - It hasn't come out yet but they practically live in a car and I'm so scared but so excited at the same tmeto see it because that book is my life anthem.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High - of course there's that infamous, smoked up van of Sean Penn's...
 The Virgin Suicides - so the Lisbon girls didn't hang out in cars often.. but when they did that fateful night of the school dance Lux was the ultimate cool cat.

so just remember.. even if you think you ain't nowhere to go, there's always somewhere to hang when you got two pairs of wheels.

the pulp girls

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