Sunday, September 2, 2012

movie love: slaves of new york

there's something about fashion in nyc from any decade other than our current one that just makes me obsessed. i stumbled upon 'slaves of new york' a freezing cold night in brooklyn and am so happy i did... it's about the art scene in the city and all the eccentric characters that we know comes with combining the 1980's with anything. the main character Eleanor is just the most fabulous girl to roam the streets of Manhattan in a time when i'd be terrified to (the 80's). She has wild hair that's usually piled up high under one of her handmade hats, amazing printed tights and skirts galore, a plethora of colorful velvet tops AND bottoms and perfect shades and costume glasses in EVERY scene.
VELVET OUTFIT + purple boots = omg
 perfect glasses, perfect shoulder epaulettes
 she also dates this total jerk named stash that's way too absorbed in himself
 the glasses!!!
 i suppose they're a cute couple although he's a snot and she's totally sweet... her coat is just the best..
 she has this crazy rival named daria who falls off a fire escape and breaks her arm...
 if i ever break my arm i gotta have a bedazzled cast with inclusive cup holder.

why can't all diner waitresses have egg patches on their pockets?!
don't tell me you aren't dying to see all the costumes in this movie now...!

the pulp girls

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