Sunday, March 3, 2013

paradise haze

the full moon rose and strained across the sea.
the lunar light curled and glistened over the lips of the lapping tide.
  the eyes of a nereid rose from the depths of the dark ocean floor. she knew of a magic that this full moon brings...
a chance to walk on the beaches and the grass.. to walk on the land. 


the pulp girls

Thursday, February 7, 2013

sugarplum baby

she is a thing of dreams that comes with the first snow of the season.
her golden blonde hair glistens in the glow of lights as she spins and twirls in her lace covered slip across her room of frosted holiday trees.
her silky olive skin radiates as she peers through branches and poinsettia leaves. and her soft brown eyes, lashes fluttering opened and closed as she dances, are magnetic and shining.

as quickly as the snow starts to melt in the warm spring air, the sugarplum baby soon isn't there. she's gone from your gold-hued stare.
she is a slight gleam in the shimmering lights that gets packed away until you find her again with the next winter fair..

The Pulp Girls

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

crystalline queen

crystalline and clear, a pool of blue in her eyes
lights shimmer from her touch in a haze so dreamlike.
the queen of the cold and the dark night will rise
to the bristling needles in the glowing moonlight.

the pulp girls