Thursday, September 6, 2012

CULT OF FILM: devil in the flesh

This seriously 90's, seriously angst-ridden flick was definitely over the top and kinda ridiculous in the best possible way. It's about this angry-at-heart girl named Debbie Strand who instantly falls hard for her much older english teacher Peter Rinaldi, after transferring to a new school due to her house burning down (obviously debbie dearest smoked the place up). Rose McGowan plays Debbie and is totally scary and beyond badass.. at first she has cool style and all that with an assortment of crop tops and patterned bottoms but then, pretty quickly, she goes on a killing spree ending all those who stand in the way of her one true love (who totally doesn't even love her back).
the campy, exploitation factor of this movie is ultra-high for being a lifetime movie... yeah that's right lifetime in the 90's was a wild, wild place. (i still can't honestly believe that this was a lifetime movie.. she beats her grandma to death with her own cane). Also, the plot twist at the end was actually slightly surprising for like a minute.. but we all know we're not watching this movie for it's perfect plotline.. we're watching it because rose mcgowan plays crazy badgirl in the best way possible.

the pulp girls

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