Friday, September 7, 2012

cardine, the dream rebel

Cardine is a 17-year-old rebellious youth who won't appear without her trademark thick, black cat-eye lines or her signature silky, teal curls neatly pinned up. You'll hardly see her in math class or the cafeteria because she's got other plans. Other plans that the average, squared-out teen kid just wouldn't understand. She's got no need for any silly boy, be it a punk or a jock, because they take up too much time and flirting is sure to hold her back. See, Cardine wants to be a badass, no-good, drop-out rockstar. But she's a smart girl and totally knows that dropping out's no good, so she simply tunes out of the daily lecture hall and dreams on a scale that we could only hope to imagine.
Smacking her perfect, cherry-red stained lips at herself in the bathroom mirror, she casts you a side glance while you're rinsing the soap off of your palms and it sends shivers of fear down your spine. But you can't help but feel that fright mix with admiration; for that sheer, cool glare she stares has a rare kind of intensity. An intensity that her blue, crystilized eyes can deliver with unmistakable aim. It delivers, spot on, the proof that Cardine's breed is an unforgettable one.
stay cool, cats.
the pulp girls