Tuesday, September 11, 2012

masked + giggling in the gypsy den

a few weeks ago we had the most beautiful little soiree which was just perfect. the only rule was to wear a mask and everyone did! seeing everyone's choices was pretty fun since it has a bit of their sweet self involved in that costume. some babes dressed to the nines in strappy heels and little black dresses while others wore lace, sparkles and corsets. the backyard location was glowing with candles and ribbons and fringed table cloths with the constant hum of rad/loud tunes coming from our hello kitty speakers. there was game playing and portrait taking and an all around giggly feeling.. especially when we ended up on the trampoline sipping pink champagne taking photos of girls floating up in baby pink lace. we decorated with classic balloon bundles and that sherbert/7UP fruit punch that they used to serve at snack time at CCD. It was basically the dream party for any 5th grader, colorful deco, masks, impromptu 'bohemian rapsody' chorus and trampoline included.. but maybe that's what makes it so fun...
a magical night full of magical babes... remember.. themed parties are always more fun!

the pulp girls

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