Thursday, September 13, 2012

georgette, the class riot

If you try to imagine Georgette, imagine that girl that doesn't fit into any one school clique, she doesn't speak much because she doesn't want to waste her breath. she thinks so far beyond dates, homework, makeup tips + magazines... there's nothing there for her. she does, however, have an aura that surrounds her down every hallway and into every study hall.. everywhere she goes.. She has a kind of confidence that someone is born with. It's often an intimidating one that can make staring her down impossible, even though you can't help but admire her unapologetic, waist slung, flannel and high tied, button down crop top. Georgette wears gold ribbons and pigtails in her glossy, black hair every single day. Those along with, the flannel and her white button down crop is the uniform of the infamous girl gang, SSG aka Surburban Street Girls.
Georgette + her badass, crimson-haired best frend, Ophelia, who graduated last year, made a solemn promise as childhood friends to start the aforementioned SSG with one sole purpose... to have fun anywhere and everywhere they may be. Granted, this supreme goal makes it a bit hard to concentrate on the typical teen dramas and class participation, they still have the best time ever, be it in the school fields after hours or breaking into the county fairgrounds late at night!

so remember... if you ever want to join Georgette and the SSG, you just gotta have fun!

the pulp girls

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  1. super awesome. i love these characters and mini stories, they're very inspiring! love you pulp girls