Friday, April 29, 2011

spring flowers!!

to me, they mean...
summer summer summer!
I am DYING of happiness (and allergies) seeing all the flowers and leaves and grass coming back to life!! I want to spend the summer with tousled hair wrapping in fragrant crowns of petals, traveling endless highways at sunset, with a film of sea-salt dried on warm skin. I can't wait!

The Pulp Girls

Sunday, April 24, 2011

camptown ladies

Can I just let everyone know The Pulp Girls have discovered the joy of camp-parties???

We had a lovely first night at the casinos, followed by a fabulous second day of hikes and dancing and all other manner of woodland revel!

All this was topped off with a visit to an abandoned seaside psych center, then a slumber party!

We are starting camp club, and it will become an at least monthly occurrence!!
The Pulp Girls

Saturday, April 2, 2011



We first met Lauren on the very last day of 2010. We all know how some first meetings can be rather awkward, right? Well, not with Lauren; she has this wonderful natural charm, making every shoot we've had with her comfortable and fun! As a fashion merchandising major, she has an undeniably amazing personal style. It's always exciting for us to work with a model who incorporates vintage clothing into their everyday outfits, and with Lauren, we're swapping stories of successful thrifting runs. We also love that she's not afraid to tackle less conventional poses, like dancing about or singing, and her natural grace makes everything she does perfectly lovely!!

first shoot: in a magical golden forest! - Dec 2010

second shoot: snowbound tea-time! - Jan 2011

third shoot: wandering minstrels - Feb 2011

fourth shoot: a midday drift - March 2011

21 Questions with Lauren:

NAME: Lauren Michaud
ZODIAC: Libra/Scorpio cusp
SPIRIT ANIMAL: A swan, because they are beautiful but can go wild when provoked ;)
FAVORITE ERA: either the Victorian Era, because of the beautiful dresses and interesting social lifestyle, or the 1950's, I've always wanted to be a Pink Lady
IN TEN YEARS I'D LIKE TO BE...: a personal stylist and a stylist for a clothing company, living in Boston or NYC
WHO'S YOUR IDOL?: Haha Ke$ha and Alexander McQueen
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Effy Stonem from Skins(UK Version)
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT MODELING FOR PULP?: The people I have met are amazing, the shoots are so much fun, and the clothes are amazing!
FAVORITE PULP SHOOT: The Tea Party shoot, it was so much fun even though it was soo cold!
FAVORITE PULP ITEM YOU'VE MODELED: The velvet dark flower print dress and tan striped blazer at the Tea Party shoot, they looked so good!
WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM PULP PHOTOSHOOT?: One where each girl portrays a famous rock star on a stage or a shoot on the beach!
PET PEEVES: Shoes not being evenly tightened.
DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: I like to dress as if the 80's neon colors and 90's grunge had a style baby and I wore that style.
FAVORITE SONG AT THIS MOMENT: Do You Wanna Touch Me by Joan Jett and We Are Young by Mika
FAVORITE MOVIE AT THIS MOMENT: Currently? The Social Network, but Adventureland will always be my favorite.
ON A RAINY DAY I...: like to have a big cup of coffee, look for good new music, and watch TV with my roommates or Mom, depending if I'm home or at school.
FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF: Physically? My hair, it's long and red, which is great. Personality wise? I like that I can listen, to anyone, and I'm always there for my friends.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT PULP?: When I first found about about Pulp, I loved that it was local, the girls were real, and the style was so hip.
THE FIVE THINGS YOU'D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND: A fridge that works like Mary Poppins bag and never ends, my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother. (Can't live without my family)
CURRENT OBSESSION: Big sweaters, flowy print dresses, and paper bag trousers 

Lots of thanks and love to Lauren!!
The Pulp Girls