Thursday, October 11, 2012

lierre, the enchantress of flora

You know she's come when you feel that first cool breeze signaling the change of the season. 
with a whisper, a hush, a sweet scent of ripened apples hanging off every leaf.
Her name is Lierre and she, like the leaves that she is named for, flutters throughout the orchard.
she was raised by the trees and sleeps with the grass.
Lierre makes her home in an apple orchard hidden amongst the birch branches + rows of fruit trees.
 she always watches as people come to pick the apples she helps her trees bear.
Her simple touch is nourishment to the buds and blossoms, it is her nature to know nurture only flora.
Her hair is a dazzling, glowing earthy green and her eyelids are painted a poison red.
in nature, we know, creatures with toxicity are colored with alarming hues to keep away all threats.
Feuille will never come in contact with humans as they are almost always a threat to her and her world of luminescent, sapphire isolation.
soon this glowing vision will quietly sleep hidden under the frozen earth...

the pulp girls

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  1. Beautiful photoshoot, very inspiring, the lights remind me of Sarah Moon's works!