Monday, October 22, 2012

babes in arms

if you listen closely you can hear it. 
there's a hum, a buzz, that's growing louder and stronger as we speak.
it's the humming vibrations of the youth cult of babes in arms taking over the world one wink and smirk at a time.
they come sporting smiles, and colored strands of wavy hair and petaled crowns of pastel confection.
tbey're taking over the grocery stores, rooftops, thrift shops, carnivals and arcades.
they decorate their arms with fuzzy stickers and temporary tattoos wearing retro-fied dream-green flowered pantsuits, navy polka-dotted frocks with exaggerated collars and patent leather covered completely in gold sparkling sequin delight.
they'll freeze your glance with their cool, galactic stares, flicked with black cat-eyed liner and curled lashes.
you won't be able to look away... but then again who would want to...
next time you see them be sure to keep those stars in your eyes.

the pulp girls


  1. omg luna, you perfect angel you!!! OBSESSED. <3 erin aka zero-girl from tumblr aka #1 luna fan club president

  2. really diggin' what alla y'all are about! x