Thursday, November 18, 2010


 There's always a strange familiarity that I have whenever I see pictures from Andy Warhol's famous & wild parties. That essential "New York City feel" makes me feel so at home! The crazy colors and patterns that all combine so perfectly that I see on all the guests correlate so well with how my beautiful, street-folk friends dress. Everyone had their own sense of style and a special personal statement to how they wear anything. There's no limit to how you decide to portray yourself. That's why we bring you the best vintage patterns & embellishments we can find with all of our hand-picked items. We want our Pulp Girls to have any and all options when choosing vintage threads.

So.. since we just know that you're looking for some unique-one-of-a-kind-only-you-could-pull-this-off vintage to wear to that next roaring shindig you'll definitely be attending (since we know you're a wild-child at heart) we bring you some fun party wear!

The Pulp Girls

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