Sunday, November 14, 2010


There's always a time in a young girl's life when a slumber party is the epitome of excitement. That moment of anticipation when schools almost out on a Friday afternoon and that sleepover full of secrets, snacks and giggles is just a walk away. Welllllllll we recreated that enthusiastic partytime with five of our kick-ass models in our home town's single motel in the middle of a Saturday. A little off... but hey it's the memory that counts right?! So.. chips & candy galore with party hats atop heads is what we give you. A little bit of bad-girl-cigarette-in-mouth is to be expected right?

Whoa whoa whoa... has anyone seen that weirdo/amazing movie with Angelina Jolie AND Jenny Lewis called Foxfire?! The shoot is reminiscent of this ULTRA campy,  girls-kicking-serious-ass 90's flick. A bond of vengeful femme fatales in the making! Loving everything about that image!

 Remember all our lovelies to stay young forever because you deserve it!

The Pulp Girls

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