Sunday, December 2, 2012

sugar + spice

It's 1975, and her world glows.
Saffron is daydreaming in a secret loft.

 She was born under the a bright star, and craves light: a daughter of the Earth, yet somehow more a being of the Sun. She was birthed, and called Saffron, and for the most part left to her own devices. Her mother was a transient soul, and brought the baby to her wealthy, aloof mother for some stability.

Saffron grew up living in a self-dreamed world of magic. The walls of her grandmother's manor house crush her; cavernous and cold, seeping gloom from every crack, even in the full light of Day. Scared of the house ever since she could remember, and pining for sunlight, she took to wandering the surrounding meadows and tiny village nearby in her wild patterns and vibrant colors.

She's a ghost, an in-between.
Her favorite place is a carpeted, yellow-curtained loft, at the top of a spiral staircase.
It was originally a wood-paneled storage area for leafy plants in cold weather, but the little shop that took care of the plants shut down, and just left everything. When she stumbled onto the loft, Saffron fell in love with the glowing room. She nursed each of the wilted plants back to life, and began to spend all her time reading and daydreaming in her hideout.

The Pulp Girls

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