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people we love: hattie watson

Some people just personify the word "arresting." Hattie Watson is one such being: a living doll, complete with a hauntingly delicate visage, freckles, and hair somewhere between red and blonde. Just one look at any photo of this drop-dead gorgeous lady tells you she's not a typical doll, however. Hattie adorns herself in visual art, with fascinating tattoos dotting her chest, arms, and stomach, all of which she is not the least bit shy about showing off. We interviewed this darling Texan-turned-nomad model and found she's somehow even more interesting than she looks!

Miss Watson by Lauren Peralta

Looking back, did you ever think you would be where you are now?
Two years ago, no I didn't think I would be where I am now. I was leading a completely different life then and heading in a direction I wasn't ready to go just yet. I think all along, I've wanted to be here or further, but just didn't know how to get there.

You have such a gorgeous, unique style, where do your fashion inspirations come from?
I've actually never really been that into fashion. I think over the last year I've started taking a bit more interest in it. I don't know if I really get inspiration from anywhere. I just grab things that I like and put them together. Which for the most part is the same thing everyday. Black pants, black shirt, leather or jean jacket, boots. I guess I've just always liked woman who dress in a more masculine way while keeping their femininity. It just appeals to me.

by Mariana Quevedo

We know you have a deep love of traveling... where is a place you've never been but dream of visiting?
Egypt, Greece are my two main places that I would love to go. Of course anywhere else in Europe would be wonderful. I would love to do a backpacking trip through Europe one day or hopefully live there.

Was there a singular event or reason you decided to start a modeling career?
I needed a creative outlet in my life and it was something I had thought about and had photographers tell me about doing so I decided to try it out. I had tried so many things to express myself and get the creative attention I needed, and nothing ever seemed to work except this. Working on another creative outlet right now though.

by Shayne Stroud

What did you think about before you fell asleep last night?
Seriously....everything! I couldn't begin to tell you the amount of thoughts that race through my head the second my head hits that pillow. It's overwhelming and leads me to never actually getting to sleep when I wanted or not sleeping at all.

What's your favorite mode of transportation? Why?
Car. I just love the fact that you can hop in a car and go anywhere. You don't have to rely on anyone else but yourself. It's all in your hands and your time is fully your time. Driving is a release for me and that time that I truly get by myself to think. Yes, we already covered I think too much. I suggest anyone in their early to mid twenties travel by car. Take a roadtrip alone. Everyone period should take a roadtrip alone. You have no idea how much you start figuring out.

by Tamara Lichtenstein

 Do you have some favorite themes for photoshoots? If so, what are they?
I really like doing more natural and pretty. Very Urban Outfitters editorial-like. I also like doing more drama-type black and white fashion sometimes. Also, doing shoots that are a little on the more different side are really fun and interesting to do and let me connect with my inner weird-artist side.

What do you like to do to pass the time during your travels?
I play a lot of video games when I am on break. I like to stay active with running, camping, hiking, biking, etc.. Maybe some reading if I can stay interested long enough. I enjoy sitting around watching random movies on netflix and hulu as well. Pretty basic normal lifestyle. When I am actually traveling, I try to sightsee as much as possible when I am not working.

by Shayne Stroud

Thank you so much to the wonderful Hattie!
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