Thursday, January 13, 2011



MaryKate radiates the same perfect, earthy loveliness as the summer's day we met her atop a Connecticut dam. It was actually our very first shoot that included a storyline, and it was she and her fellow model Garye who made that expressive shoot possible! MaryKate is a total natural in front of the camera, with that indispensable ability to communicate through the lens. We love love love her aptitude for embracing and running with the story of a shoot. She could easily be a gypsy beauty, traversing mystical forests in a caravan of troubadours, or a disillusioned schoolgirl in search of an adventure, taking an enchanted shortcut home. MaryKate's beautiful soul shines in her photos!

 FIRST SHOOT: Bandit runaways atop a woodland dam! May 2010

SECOND SHOOT: Rebellious schoolgirls transformed into free-spirited, chandelier-eyed nymphs!

20 Questions with MaryKate
NAME: MaryCatherine Carey Burnell
STATE: The only living girl in Connecticut
ZODIAC: Gemini, Gemini rising- I’m quadruplets
SPIRIT ANIMAL: I’m usually told I’m either a cat or a bird. Conundrum?
FAVORITE ERA: Paleolithic
IN TEN YEARS I'D LIKE TO BE...: sane, healthy, much more well-traveled, and that much closer to enlightenment
WHO'S YOUR IDOL: I don’t really have one
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT MODELING FOR PULP: Acting out the ‘story’ of the shoot, inspired by the gorgeous clothes and settings.
FAVORITE PULP SHOOT: Chandelier Girls was freezing, but I had a blast with that Jesus statue
FAVORITE PULP ITEM YOU'VE MODELED: I might have to buy those tank tops from last summer for this summer.
WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM PULP PHOTOSHOOT: on board a clipper ship. OR A DIRIGIBLE OH MY GOD. Or a fabulous summertime on-the-run-from-Johnny-Law scenario.
PET PEEVES: open mouthed gum chewers, willful ignorance or small-mindedness
FAVORITE STYLE: Amelia Earhart, 19th century nautical looks, and early American explorers
FAVORITE SONG AT THIS MOMENT: I’ve been listening to Owen Pallett’s latest EP, A Swedish Love Story. It’s really beautiful
FAVORITE MOVIE AT THIS MOMENT: At this moment I don’t think I have one of those either.
ON A RAINY DAY I...: revel in the opportunity to wear my Hunter boots
FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF: My positivity and my impeccable spelling
THE FIVE THINGS YOU'D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND: guitar, paper/pens, weed, bowl, lighter
LACE OR VELVET: You must have known nobody would be able to pick just one. 

A big thank you to the amazing MaryKate for being this week's Pulp Girl!!

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  1. "THE FIVE THINGS YOU'D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND: guitar, paper/pens, weed, bowl, lighter"

    hell yes