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We met the very lovely Shauna on a very cold and gray afternoon, one of the first frigid days in October! Sadly, we had absentmindedly packed only light-weight items for her and Savannah to model! They had no complaints and stuck it out in a patient manner, resulting in photos that were purely ethereal. Actually, if we had to pick just one word to describe Shauna, we honestly think "ethereal" would be it! She is a quiet beauty with the looks and sweet personality befitting a flower child, basking in the sun at a concert festival in 1968. In shoots, she brings a clear, calm and fun attitude, even in the worst of weather. We love the gypsy/bohemian aura that seems to surround her everywhere she goes and shines in all of her photos!
first shoot: at a creepy chimney in the middle of the woods in Oct. 2010
second shoot: a candy-filled, colorful shoot in a hotel room! -Nov. 2010
third shoot: a film only shoot! cold but lovely snowflakes snuck up on us! -Dec. 2010

20 Questions with Shauna:
NAME: Shauna Denos
STATE: Connecticut
ZODIAC: Virgo/Libra Cusp
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Skunk! (Long story...)
FAVORITE ERA: Very difficult for me to choose, but I must say that I am simply in LOVE with the 1960s.
IN TEN YEARS I'D LIKE TO BE...: directing a groundbreaking art film and/or an investigative documentary.
WHO'S YOUR IDOL: I have so many idols, but Chan Marshall of Cat Power is my number one. ♥
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: A tie between Sal Paradise in On The Road and Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT MODELING FOR PULP: The creativity involved! The fun that always seems to occur! The interesting people I get to meet!
FAVORITE PULP SHOOT I loved the shoot I was most recently in because it spontaneously started flurrying on us!
FAVORITE PULP ITEM YOU'VE MODELED: The black pantsuit, so awesome!
WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM PULP PHOTOSHOOT: A cross country road trip photo shoot! ♥
PET PEEVES: Control freaks, yikes.
FAVORITE STYLE: Bohemian/Punk Rock/Flapper somehow all working together to make sense!
FAVORITE SONG AT THIS MOMENT: Black Balloon by The Kills
FAVORITE MOVIE AT THIS MOMENT: La Vie en Rose by Oliver Dahan
ON A RAINY DAY I...:get visually inspired and usually end up painting!
FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF I rarely ever lose my temper.
THE FIVE THINGS YOU'D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND: Polaroid Camera, Ipod, paints, and my favorite pair of sunglasses ♥
thank you so much Shauna for being pulp girl of the week, you lovely girl! 
The Pulp Girls

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