Saturday, May 26, 2012

technicolor teenagers

you've known girls like them before,
or maybe not.
fluid and free, these are wandering spirits.
you'll know them by their eyes.
look, look closely:
they have their own undefinable quality,
restless and simply, utterly alive.

hair like snow, stands of rose
crayola hair, dyed perfectly pine green;
 they're the kind of girls to skip class in favor of thrifting,
who call spirits and play cards in the park,
scour used bookstores for illustrated fairytales,
paint their eyelids with glitter to go to the deli,
sneak into the community pool after midnight,
and walk about crowned with flowers.

models: carina + luna
styling photography et al: the pulp girls
more photos


  1. Beautiful photographs. Just love the feeling I get when I look at these.

  2. ahh these came out amazing and the caption made us grin <3<3