Tuesday, January 31, 2012

coppola style

Time gives us these untouchable lapses in our lives. You have this shimmering bubble filling up with wonderful things, with sunlight and music and good people and happiness. You want to freeze time in those perfect moments, but you know it's going to burst and life will never ever ever have that surreal summer-like hazy quality again. Things always fall away, slipping out of reach into memory, tainted by nostalgia.

Sofia's among my favorites because she can capture that untouchable feeling in film. In The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola crafted this beautiful, haunting atmosphere. Everything just works in all her movies, from music and colors to casting and styling. And what's better than the hazy parties in The Virgin Suicides? We're loving those dreamy party styles. You can't even know how much I wish my school dances were like theirs.

I love Cecilia and I love love love her gorgeous magical floaty dress. Check out similar styles in our shop:

Cecilia's Lace Dress
Madonna Flapper Dress
As I'm sure many of you out there will agree, the prom in The Virgin Suicides makes me cry over the pure, awful boringness that was my own prom! Beautiful, soft dresses? Star cutouts and gold streamers? Oh how I wish mine had been so!

Urghh I'm sure you're all sharing in my pain right now! Luckily, there are opportunities to dress beautiful and have magical times beyond school dances. (And for those of you still in high school, be the amazing person who does dress like you're in a Sofia Coppola movie for the rest of us, please!) And luckily, we sell similar magical fashions:

Virgin Suicide Goddess Gown
Grecian Grace Dress
Elven Princess Party Dress

The Pulp Girls

embroidered + denim

there's nothing more texturally satisfying than patterns of thick threads mixed with the smooth worn in feel of denim.
this is such a PERFECT look for spring. fresh yet totally reminiscent of the 60's. check out this denim jacket to save your fingers some blisters.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

anxious times + dress sale!

My sister and I tend to get stressed out collectively, probably because we're really close even putting aside the fact that we work together so closely. It is pretty nice having someone going through much the same thing, but there's also that downside of not having a chilled out person to calm you down. >.< The list of things we have to do for The Pulp Girls is never-ending, but those are the fun, even if time-consuming, things. When you add to that school, money, apartment, and lack of time in general... and you get two very anxious people in a way-too-small room. Hence my venting on here. Sorry guys.

Okay. Here's some good news! We're having a sale on dresses, those oh-so-essential spring pieces from Jan 24th -31st! Brighten up your wardrobe with floral prints or keep it classy in a little black dress. Either way, take $10 off your dress order with code TENOFFDRESS at checkout! Click on over to thepulpgirls.com and get your vintage before it's gone!

The Pulp Girls

Monday, January 23, 2012

secret places

Even in the little suburban town we grew up in, we still seek out the strange secret places: an unlocked door is akin to a "come on in" sign, and every stairway is an open-armed invitation. There's something eerie and magical about finding an entire floor of a building unlocked, up-kept, yet utterly deserted. (not to mention heated!) It's like slipping between the planes of the world: a lapse in time, slowed movements and soft voices in a tiny winkle of stillness. We capture the three girls who crept into one such secret place.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


we have a tumblr on which we are far more active than here!

see? lots of fun.

The Pulp Girls

Style Icon of Forever: Courtney Love

There really are no words to describe the deep love that I feel whenever I think of Courtney Love's attitude & style in the 90's. She was grunge, yes, but there was still a simplicity to her outfits that showed that she obviously doesn't give a fuck and wore anything that pleased her. Her style was never forced or fake. Love her or hate her... you gotta admit she was always dressed pretty badass.

check out this dress.. it's pretty similar to the radness of the dress Miss Love is wearing above.

awaiting spring and loving sheer.

My wish for a snow-less winter has been squashed recently. However, the snow has had some good effect: it's made me positively pine for spring, and consequently, made us begin shopping for that oh-so-elusive season! Right now, we're loving sheer and we're loving maxi, so sheer + maxi just about kills us! If you wear sheer too scanty, there's always the risk of showing off more than you intended. Sheer maxis allow for a balance between sexy and demure. And they simply look wonderful and flatter nearly everyone. Spring will be all about soft sheer fabrics billowing all over the place!

Mulberry knows what's up. Platforms, maxi length, and bright mixed with muted colors.

Those pleats, dear god.

I found this perfecto collage on depotfashion. Just lookit that all that goodness.

Every picture.

Get in on this perfect trend in our shop... we have a seriously beautiful, jaw-dropping pleated black maxi and oh so much more!

Hoping and waiting very impatiently for spring!
The Pulp Girls

Monday, January 2, 2012

a sweater sale to ring in a new year!

we're having a huge sale on all our amazing sweaters........ go shop quick! the sale ends january 9th and it works like this

1 sweater get $6 off!
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anddd if you happen to find more than 6 sweaters in the store that you love more than life itself then email/message us for much deeper discounts!

have fun shopping lovebirds!
The Pulp Girls